Here's the saddest part about Burress

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Listen, I think we can all agree that former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress made a horribly bad decision that fateful night at the Latin Quarter. It' s open for debate whether he's paying too high a price for his crime, but what we know for sure is that his NFL career has been put on hold for two seasons -- and he'll likely be too old (34) to make a huge impact if and when he returns to the league.

Burress reported for his sentencing this morning and then was taken into custody for what will probably be 20 months. And no matter where you stand on gun laws or Burress' actions last November, it's still profoundly sad to see those pictures of him carrying his son Elijah into court.

Burress has made enough money to put his family in a beautiful home and provide them with security while he's in prison. But because of one incredibly dumb decision, Burress has robbed himself of almost two years with his son. To me, that's saddest part of this whole thing. The New York Giants organization certainly feels bad for Burress, but it has quickly moved on without him. Through two games, Steve Smith and Mario Manningham are showing that Burress' skills can be replaced.

It's a sobering feeling for all of us to realize that life will go on without us. It's something that Burress will have a lot of time to think about the next two years.