Redskins in the clear on bounty issue

While the NFL has come down astoundingly hard on the New Orleans Saints for the bounty program involving former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, it does not appear as though the Washington Redskins, who employed Williams as defensive coordinator from 2004-07, are in danger of any kind of penalties. This is from the league's press release announcing the discipline against the Saints and Williams, who is now with the Rams:

While NFL staff has interviewed people in connection with public allegations of bounty programs at other clubs, no evidence was established showing that the programs at other clubs involved targeting opposing players or rewarding players for injuring an opponent. Commissioner Goodell emphasized that if additional information is brought to his attention that discloses bounties offered for injuring specific opposing players, he will revisit the matter to consider additional discipline.

When the league's findings of wrongdoing against the Saints and Williams came to light several weeks ago, it was also reported that the league would look into Williams' activity during his time as Washington's defensive coordinator. Some former players came forward and said that yes, there had been bounty programs under Williams in Washington. But it does not appear as though said programs -- at least as far as the league could find -- were as extensive or sinister as what went on in New Orleans.

The statement above does leave open the possibility of sanctions if new information comes to light and there's proof that the Redskins ever offered players financial rewards for injuring players. But for now, it certainly looks as though the Redskins will not be caught up in this particular scandal or the resulting discipline.