Miles Austin says he wasn't in top shape

I mean, when you miss 37 percent of the season with hamstring injuries, this kind of thing hardly qualifies as a shocking announcement. But Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin says he wasn't in his best physical shape last year. From an interview Austin did with Men's Health, via Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com, we have this:

"I'm feeling great right now, by the way," Austin said in a video interview for Men's Health magazine. "Right now I'm working with the trainers at our facility. I feel like last year, I wasn't prepared for the season in the way I should have been condition-wise, even though I looked and felt like it at the time. That's one thing I have to keep an eye on, to make sure I'm in the best physical shape I can be."

Yeah, man. When you're a professional athlete whose entire job and livelihood depend on attaining and delivering your best possible physical performance, and pretty much your only job for 349 days of the year is to exercise, then yeah. I would say that's something on which it's worth keeping an eye. But hey, everybody learns their lessons differently, I guess.

I don't have a lot else to say about this, except that it reminds me a little of last summer when Anthony Spencer told me he'd realized he hadn't been trying hard every day in practice, and that sometimes the things pro athletes say make me shake my head. I guess it's good that the Cowboys have guys who are so self-aware?