ESPN blogger mock: Eagles trade up

Just wrapped up our live ESPN.com blogger mock draft, in which I and the other seven division bloggers made the picks for each of the teams in our respective divisions. It was a blast, and largely because trades were allowed. I am proud to say that I was involved in the very first one, with the Philadelphia Eagles.

I based my decision on the idea that the Eagles had identified Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox as the player they wanted. There had been some recent talk of him going to the St. Louis Rams at No. 6, and I was convinced that he would not get past the Carolina Panthers at No. 9. So, after Mike Sando selected Justin Blackmon for the Rams at 6 and Paul Kuharsky let it be known that the Jaguars were looking to trade down out of No. 7, I offered Kuharsky the Eagles' first-round pick (No. 15 overall) and their third-round pick (No. 88) for the Jags' first-rounder.

Kukarsky countered by offering the No. 7 overall pick and the No. 176 overall pick (sixth round) for the 15, the 88 and the 153. So I'd be getting the No. 7 overall (and with it Cox, the player I wanted) and a high sixth-round pick for a third and a middle-fifth. I believe, if Cox is indeed their guy, that this is a trade to which the Eagles would eagerly say yes. Get their man without giving up either of their two second-round picks. No-brainer. So we did the deal, and I picked Cox at No. 7 for the Eagles.

Cox is a great fit for the Eagles. He can shore up the middle of the defensive line against the run, and he also helps the pass rush from an interior line spot. He's a more polished prospect than fellow first-round defensive tackle Dontari Poe, and the Eagles are in win-now mode. I also could have taken Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly at the No. 7 spot. (That's who Pat Yasinskas ended up giving to the Panthers at No. 9, after assuring me that he would indeed have taken Cox if he'd still been on the board.) But following the DeMeco Ryans trade, Kuechly didn't seem as important a target. If I'd stayed at 15 and he'd lasted that long, sure. But I wasn't trading up for a linebacker.

So let me hear it, Eagles fans. What do you think of my performance in the role of Howie Roseman? Good deal? Worthwhile pick? Or what?