Video: Babin expects big things for Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin was up in Bristol today for a visit and popped on a few ESPN programs. He discussed a number of topics, including the "Wide 9" defense (Which he says isn't called that, except by us dopes in "the media," because it's actually called the "9-technique." Man, do I feel silly now.), what advice he'd give rookie lineman Fletcher Cox for dealing with the abuse he'll be taking from defensive line coach Jim Washburn, which Eagles player is the fastest ("DeSean Jackson. I don't think it's close.") and what he thinks the impact of the offseason changes will be on the team.

"We're going to have a heck of a defense," he says. "You know, we struggled last year in the beginning, and we're looking to have a much better start this year."

It would help, to be sure. Thanks, Jason. Hope you enjoyed the cafeteria food.