Breakfast links: Banner out as Eagles prez

And a good Thursday morning to you all. Waking up to the news of the Eagles' front-office shakeup, with Joe Banner out as team president, and as soon as I process it I will have something posted later this morning. But it sure seems to me that Andy Reid's rush to deny that L.A. Times story a few months back had more than a little methinks-he-doth-protest-too-much aspect to it. The Eagles' offseason has longed seemed to be firmly in the hands of Reid and GM Howie Roseman, and today's news shows us that perception was a valid one. Still think Reid could be on shaky ground if they have a bad year, but assuming they don't, he and especially Roseman look like they've positioned themselves to have more power than ever going forward.

Meanwhile, today's goal is to not let things bother us as much as they did Wednesday. Say a little prayer for me, if that's your thing. My thing is links.

Washington Redskins

So the state of Virginia is throwing a bunch of money at the Redskins to get them to keep their operations there, and part of this is that they will hold training camp in Richmond starting in 2013. Mike Shanahan doesn't like having training camp in Ashburn, where the team has its regular-season practices, because football coaches hate when their players are comfortable and happy and around their kids all the time and stuff. So they'll go off and do some team-bonding exercises like they did in "Remember the Titans" and they'll supposedly be better for it. This assumes Shanahan's still the coach in 2013, of course, but I can't imagine they're only going to give him the one year with Robert Griffin III, even if that year is a huge disappointment.

Kirk Cousins likes what he's seen of Washington, D.C., and is cool with his backup role, he says. Believes he's got a good chance to pursue his goal of playing quarterback in the NFL from where he is. So that's good to know.

Dallas Cowboys

Remember the Dr. Seuss classic, "There's a Wocket in my Pocket?" Well, this story from Calvin Watkins about Lawrence Vickers and the ants in his pants reads a little bit like that. Only with more cringing.

Part of DeMarco Murray's training regimen this offseason includes mixed martial arts stuff, and you can take a look at him busying himself with it right here if you like.

New York Giants

The Giants are going away for training camp this year -- back to Albany after training last year in East Rutherford. And if you're planning on heading up there for any of it, here's the practice schedule. Tom Coughlin's planning to make them work in the heat of the middle of the day since he can no longer make them practice twice a day.

Coughlin got his contract extension Wednesday, and to hear John Mara tell it, the Giants actually wanted Coughlin to be their coach long before he actually was. As I tried to write yesterday but apparently didn't make clear, Coughlin's bulletproof as far as Giants ownership is concerned. And while, sure, there's a chance Giants fans get tired of him in the next three years if they don't keep winning, Giants ownership has made it clear that fan dissatisfaction isn't enough of a reason for them to make a coaching change. He'll coach the Giants as long as he wants to.

Philadelphia Eagles

Sheil Kapadia took a look at how Jeremy Maclin stacks up against the other five wide receivers taken in the first round in 2009. He fares pretty well, especially considering he's coming off a down, injury-plagued season. Only Hakeem Nicks among this group has been clearly better. Mike Wallace, the Steelers' third-rounder, has actually been the best wide receiver from the 2009 class, but obviously no one saw that coming or else he'd have gone earlier. Maclin's a guy to watch in 2012, for certain.

And we'll give our friend Jeff McLane some face time, as he offers a video discussing the competition for the backup running back spot. Which matters, since they'll need more from whoever's behind LeSean McCoy this year than they got from Ronnie Brown last year. That's right. I threw in a Ronnie Brown reference. Don't want you Eagles fans getting too happy in June.