Eagles, Colt McCoy: What's taking so long?

If we are to believe that the Browns are offering quarterback Colt McCoy for a sixth-round or seventh-round draft pick, the only thing I can think is, "Why haven't the Philadelphia Eagles already done this?"

We have discussed the Eagles' frightening backup quarterback situation at length here. Their current plan is to go into the season with Mike Kafka, Trent Edwards and Nick Foles as the backup quarterbacks to Michael Vick, who has only once played a full 16-game season. Neither Foles (who was just drafted in April) nor Edwards played in the NFL last year. Kafka has thrown 16 NFL passes. Now, I'm not saying McCoy is the be-all, end-all here, but he's started 21 more NFL games than Kafka or Foles have combined, and surely he'd be an upgrade over Edwards in that experienced-veteran-backup slot. He's also 25 years old, and it's not out of the realm of possibility that he could grow into a starting-caliber quarterback at some point. He's got experience in the West Coast offense. The Browns' front office and the Eagles' front office are friends. I'm pretty sure the Eagles have an extra late-round 2013 pick from the Brodrick Bunkley trade. This seems to make too much sense not to happen.

And maybe it will. But it hasn't yet, and if it doesn't it could mean that the Eagles are sold on Kafka as a worthwhile backup in his third year in their system. It's not completely crazy to think he is. The reason we doubt it is that we haven't seen it, and what we have seen of Kafka has been uninspiring. But if the Eagles believe that third year of development is the key one (and remember, he didn't have an offseason of coaching last year due to the lockout), they may be looking at Kafka differently than we on the outside are.

They also saw something in Edwards they liked when they tried him out, and he too has West Coast offense experience. He's three years older than McCoy is, though, and the feeling seems to have been that either he or Kafka would be cut before the season. (Foles obviously won't be cut, since they just picked him.) If they traded a pick for McCoy, the Eagles would have to get rid of Edwards and Kafka (likely trading Kafka) or carry four quarterbacks. And it's possible they don't want to carry four quarterbacks.

So I don't know. McCoy to the Eagles for a late-round pick makes sense to me, and I think they should do it yesterday. But it also seems like the kind of thing that would have happened by now if it were going to happen, and it looks as though the Eagles aren't as worried about backup quarterback as their fans are.