Cowboys smart to want to extend Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are 100 percent correct to broach the topic of a contract extension for quarterback Tony Romo at this point. In so many ways, it is the smartest thing they could do. Forgetting for a second the simple financial fact that Romo is scheduled to cost them $8 million more against the salary cap next year than he's costing them this year, the Cowboys are convinced Romo is the right man to lead them. And they're right.

Surveying the quarterback scene around the league, there's no one better who's likely to become available anytime soon. Romo is one of the top half-dozen quarterbacks in the league, and while the fact that he's not in the top three might bother a certain segment of Cowboys fans, it doesn't bother the people who run the team or the people who suit up with Romo on Sunday afternoons. The main criticisms of Romo -- that he hasn't won enough playoff games and doesn't show enough leadership -- are either flimsy or flat-out inaccurate. The people who run the Cowboys know Romo is the least of their problems, and they correctly believe that if they can fix the real problems they've had in recent years (defense, offensive line, etc.), Romo will just continue to elevate his game. Get him into more big situations, the Cowboys feel, and he'll surely show he can come through in them.

The issue with getting a deal done with Romo at this point is Romo's own motivation to do one. He's playing as well right now as he ever has in his career. He's got one year left on his deal after this one, so even if he were to get hurt this season, he is taken care of for next year and can come back in time to get a new contract when it's over. The Cowboys would have to make it very much worth Romo's while to commit to a number now when the quarterback market shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And as Ed Werder points out in the story linked above, there's no reason to believe Romo is interested in making the Cowboys happy on this front at this point.

Something worth watching, indeed. But right now, what looks like a very good move for the Cowboys isn't for sure the best move Romo could make for himself. And because of that, I'd be surprised if anything got done soon.