Watch: Giants' Justin Tuck on E:60

ESPN's "E:60" will air a feature on New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck tonight at 7 pm ET. It includes a wide-ranging interview with ESPN.com NFL columnist Jeffri Chadiha that touches on Tuck's incredibly small-town roots in Alabama. You can check out a video clip from the interview here, and in it Tuck discusses how unlikely he would have imagined were his chances of becoming a star in New York:

Chadiha: If someone would have told you this was how your life would have played out… would you have believed it?

Tuck: I would have laughed… And I probably would have told you I wouldn't want that life... I didn't want the pressure of the big city life or…being a celebrity where everybody’s probing into your personal life. I didn't want any of that…

I didn't want to grow up in Brooklyn, New York, or LA. I like simple things in life… and hopefully when I retire from the NFL I'll go back to those simple things…

Chadiha: How small of a town are you from?

Tuck: Uh… half of them are Tucks.

Tuck is one of the more interesting and thoughtful players to whom I get to talk on a semi-regular basis, so I feel good about recommending this to you without being accused of just being a company man. Plus, Giants fans who have been making all of the "Where's Tuck?" jokes the past couple of weeks will now have some fresh material, so there's that.