Eagles offensive line thoughts

On second thought, it appears there will be at least one change to the Philadelphia Eagles' offensive line coming off the bye. Reuben Frank reports that King Dunlap is back in as the starting left tackle in place of Demetress Bell.

Obviously, the Eagles' real left tackle is Jason Peters, who tore his Achilles' tendon twice in the offseason, and without whom the offense is apparently crippled. But since Peters isn't an option for a long time yet, and likely not at all this season, they have been juggling. They signed Bell because they believed him to be athletic enough to do the same kinds of things Peters did for them last season, but they have learned by watching Bell play that (a) there is no way to replicate what Peters does and (b) athletic or not, Bell isn't a very good player. So back in goes Dunlap, who's a giant with really long arms who knows the system and might be able to at least slow down defensive ends on their way to Michael Vick.

The only other offensive line point of note -- at least until the Eagles get back to practice Wednesday -- is that right guard Danny Watkins has apparently stopped talking to reporters because of negative press. This always bugs me. Watkins had no problem with the media as long as they were chronicling his super-fun progression from Canadian firefighter on skates to first-round NFL draft pick. But once those same people start pointing out that he needs to play better, he's got no more use for them. Be a grown-up, dude. You don't get paid all that money to play football -- you get paid all that money because you play football in public. There are plenty of places you could go where nobody would ever write a word about you, but your car wouldn't be as nice.

Anyway, Watkins obviously is far from the only player in the league who pulls this garbage, but since he's in the news for it and in the division, I thought I'd take a moment to rant. Thank you for your patience. Go on about your day.