What a Pierre Garcon return might mean

So here we are again with wide receiver Pierre Garcon, who's missed six games for the Washington Redskins this season due to a foot injury he suffered in the season opener. Rested through the bye week, Garcon is practicing with the team on a limited basis, and they're saying he's got a chance to play Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

If Garcon could play, and play at full-strength, the Redskins' offense would find itself capable of opening up to an extent it has not yet done. Garcon was brought in to be Robert Griffin III's No. 1 receiver -- a playmaking wideout who could catch the ball on a slant and take it all the way for a touchdown, as he did on his 88-yarder in New Orleans in Week 1. Garcon on the field -- in addition to the secondary receivers who have been dropping passes too much in their more primary roles -- would help open up the deep passing game for Griffin as well, and likely answer critics who think the Redskins' offense is too focused on college-style option stuff.

The problem, of course, is that even if Garcon plays it does not appear he'll be at full strength. The issue with his foot seems significant, and the main reason he hasn't had surgery to correct it appears to be that he opposes the idea of surgery completely. If this is the case, it's unlikely the injury will heal on its own in time for Garcon to play to his full capabilities this season. And if he plays Sunday or at all in the coming weeks, he may not be the player the Redskins brought him in to be.

So we shall see how he reacts to the practice time he had Wednesday and whether the Redskins activate him for Sunday. I guess I'd just caution everyone to keep their expectations in check when he finally does get back on the field.