Power Rankings: Eagles nearing bottom

Time for our weekly look at the way our division's teams fared in this week's ESPN.com Power Rankings poll.

8. New York Giants (Last week: 9). Their victory over Green Bay was more impressive than a one-spot jump would indicate, but the memory of the way they played in Cincinnati just before the bye cannot be wiped away. I had them at 8 last week and moved them to 7 this week. Each of our other four voters has them at 8. And one of the reasons I didn't move them up further was that I gave the Patriots a big jump this week from 9 to 4. I know, the Patriots play in the weaker conference. But they're just obliterating teams week after week, and I decided I'd had them too low. So the Giants moved up one for me because their Super Bowl punching bags leaped over them.

17. Washington Redskins (18). A fairly modest jump in spite of the impressive Thanksgiving Day beatdown of the Cowboys. I gave them a nice bump from 17 to 14 after two straight good-looking division wins, but everyone else has them either 16 or 17. If they can beat the Giants next Monday night, I believe you'll see a real leap forward.

19. Dallas Cowboys (16). I moved them down from 15 to 18, which is the lowest I've had them all year. The teams I bumped ahead of them are the Colts, Bengals and Redskins, again pushing up Indy and Cincinnati more as a means of correction rather than reaction to one week. Anyway, John Clayton has the Cowboys 18 as well, and the other three voters have them at 19.

30. Philadelphia Eagles (27). It ain't rock-bottom, but it's only two spots up from there. And if the season ended now, the Eagles would have the No. 4 pick, so you can't argue too much with them being third-worst. I knocked them down from 25 to 27, but I'm still higher on them than anyone else. Clayton, Jamison Hensley and Ashley Fox all have them at 30. The Eagles began the season at No. 7 in this poll and held that spot as recently as Week 5. Of course, they have not won since then.

Your thoughts?