Blogger Blitz: Eagles next coach?

With Andy Reid almost certainly on his way out the door as Philadelphia Eagles coach, I get a lot of questions these days about who will replace him. Fact is, I don't have any idea, and I can't find anyone who does. All anyone's got right now is speculation, and when we speculate about someone else's decisions we try to look for some sort of clues about the reasons those decisions might be made.

So in this week's Blogger Blitz video, I discuss one possible factor -- public relations appeal. No, I don't think the Eagles should pick a head coach based on P.R. appeal. But you're nuts if you don't think that's one thing weighing on owner Jeffrey Lurie's mind. People close to the Eagles will tell you that it upsets Lurie that he's got this team that has won so many games and made so many playoff appearances over the past decade-plus and yet the city of Philadelphia has such strong negative feelings about it. He has a lot of money sunk into this team, and the idea that its fans can't stand it is irksome, which is understandable.

As we imagine who might be the next coach, then, it's worth considering that it would be someone Lurie can present to the fans in a manner that is upbeat, positive and hopeful. Someone who won't make eyes roll when the news is announced. This is a fan base that famously booed the announcement that the team had drafted Donovan McNabb, and which has taken to using the tone of Reid's say-nothing news conferences as fuel for its animosity toward him. The announcement of the new coach will get nearly as much attention as the coach himself will. I think Lurie and the Eagles will do whatever they can to hire the best-qualified football coach, but whether right or wrong I'm sure that they'll ask about each potential candidate, "How will our fans take this?"

So no one from the current staff, certainly. And realistically, they're not getting someone like Sean Payton to bail on Drew Brees so he can come coach Nick Foles. The names I raised in the video include Oregon's Chip Kelly, who's probably the hottest candidate from the college ranks and Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, who's having another big year and seems somewhat universally respected as a coaching candidate. I wonder if they'd even take a look at a guy like Bruce Arians, who's done such a fine job filling in for Chuck Pagano with the Colts. Total shot-in-the-dark speculation on my part, but he's a guy about whom people are saying all positive things these days.

Just something to think about, is all. Thanks for watching the video.