Trent Williams says he was 'immature'

LANDOVER, Md. -- Cameras caught Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams apparently taking a swing at Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in the immediate aftermath of Sunday's 24-14 Seahawks playoff victory. Williams did not hide from it.

"Just high emotions, man, and you know I let them get the best of me," Williams said. "It's nobody's fault but mine. I've got to calm down a little bit. It's just, when you lose a game like this with high intensity, you are on edge, and I reacted in an immature manner. I am taught better than than, just got to be better. It takes a big man to walk away, and next time I just have to be a bigger man."

An unfortunate ending to a game in which there was a great deal of shoving and extracurricular aggression between the teams. The Redskins went into the game believing that Sherman and some other of the Seattle defenders would try and get under their skin, and there were times at which it appeared they were successful. None more so than this one, of course.

"It was just a dirty move by Trent Williams," Sherman said. "I can understand why he's frustrated; it's the end of their season. They played a solid game. Just a cheap shot."

For his part, once he calmed down, Williams appeared to agree. And Sherman later wrote on Twitter that he'd received "a very classy text" from Williams and there was "no ill will either way."

I have to think the NFL dips into Williams' wallet about it, though.