This is pretty cool: RG III on Doug Williams

On Super Bowl Sunday, one of the features to air on ESPN's "NFL Countdown" show will be a look back at the Super Bowl victory by Doug Williams and the Washington Redskins 25 years ago. Our Greg Garber covered that game and recently wrote this story in which Williams recalls the victory and the fuss that was made over his being the first black quarterback to start a Super Bowl. But the seven-minute feature that will run Sunday morning is narrated not by Garber but by current Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III:

“Originally, we thought it would be cool to get a voice like Denzel Washington, Sam Jackson or James Earl Jones, but we eventually realized that RG III was the perfect guy,” Garber said.

You can read more about the production of the feature and see a clip of it here. And of course the full feature will run on ESPN on Sunday. We've talked a lot here about Griffin's awareness of his place in history and society and the respect he has for those who came before him, and the fact that they were able to get him to narrate this story shows how seriously he takes it. Griffin was not yet born when Williams won that Super Bowl with the Redskins, but he has a great deal of respect for what happened that day and the way it helped change some perceptions about the quarterback position.