Breakfast links: Hakeem Nicks on the mend

If you'll permit a personal note: My younger brother ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. He had less than a mile to go to the finish line, with his wife and three kids waiting to see him finish, when the explosions started. They're all safe, thank goodness, but the day they had and the things they witnessed I can't even comprehend and don't want to. I'm thinking a lot about the folks who weren't as lucky, and I'm thankful the people I love made him home safely.

That's all from me on this, because honestly what more is there to say? You may now enjoy your daily football links.

New York Giants

Victor Cruz wasn't present for the first day of the Giants' offseason workout program, but fellow star wide receiver Hakeem Nicks was and said he felt great after a year in which he was limited by leg injuries. A healthy Nicks would obviously be a huge help to the Giants, both in their negotiations with Cruz and, of course, on the field of play.

Ohm Youngmisuk wonders whether the Giants will consider breaking with tradition and taking an offensive lineman in the first round of the draft nine days from now. I wonder the same, since it would seem to make so much sense for them if it didn't run counter to their organizational philosophy about the value of first-round picks.

Philadelphia Eagles

Howie Roseman calls this year's draft a "meat and potatoes" draft, which he says is a good thing because building through the lines is the right way to go. I don't know anyone who feels confident predicting the Eagles' pick with any certainty, but you do start to get the feeling it will be a lineman of one sort or the other.

The Eagles are one of many teams who are finding it important to look beyond the traditional methods of evaluating draft picks in the social media era.

Washington Redskins

The way the Redskins decided to deal with their salary cap problems this year was to realize they had a 10-6 division champion team and worry more about keeping that together than adding a bunch of new pieces from the outside.

The one player the Redskins really wanted to keep and couldn't this offseason was special teams captain Lorenzo Alexander. Mike Wise writes that Alexander will be missed for a wide variety of very good reasons.

Dallas Cowboys

The change to a 4-3 defense under new coordinator Monte Kiffin has the Cowboys evaluating linebackers differently for this year's draft than they had in past years.

The Cowboys are likely to address the running back position at some point in this draft, as Felix Jones is moving on and they need someone reliable behind DeMarco Murray. They have quite a number of different options.