Skins' Meriweather aims for training camp

Got this on Twitter today from @bvsnizzle91:

Sure thing, snizzle. Here's something from Mark Maske on the health of Washington Redskins strong safety Brandon Meriweather, who signed as a free agent last offseason, missed the first nine games of the season due to a variety of knee issues, tore his ACL in his first game back and missed the final six games of the season because of that. Mike Shanahan says he believes Meriweather will be ready in time for training camp in July:

“I think Brandon will be fine once we get to camp. … He did a good job in his drill work,” Shanahan said following Thursday’s offseason practice at Redskins Park. “The one thing you don’t want to do when somebody hurts his knee is get him going too quickly — just let it heal and strengthen the muscles around the knee. Right now he looks pretty good.”

This would help, obviously. Meriweather's signing was panned at the time, but Shanahan targeted him specifically because he believed he was the kind of player he and Jim Haslett needed for the strong safety position in their defense. Meriweather's not a traditional "center fielder" type of safety who thrives in coverage, but when Shanahan watched him on tape he saw a guy he could use in a variety of ways, including run support and blitz packages. Meriweather played brilliantly in the portion of that Week 11 game before he tore his ACL, and the Redskins believe they got a glimpse of how much better their secondary could be if he were playing in it.

Ideally for Washington, whose free safety position is a complete question mark at this point, Meriweather can provide some level of reliability at the strong safety spot this year.

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