Breakfast links: Alfred Morris, paintball star

Good morning. I'm gonna head on back down the highway today to the final day of Eagles minicamp, listen to some loud music, watch some quarterbacks throw some three-yard dump passes, maybe grab a cheesesteak. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Meantime, enjoy these links.

Washington Redskins

Just because the Redskins went out and added to their cornerback depth in free agency and the draft doesn't mean 2012 seventh-round pick Richard Crawford can't make a contribution to the secondary. Crawford is happy the team wanted to get better at the position, but he still believes he can be part of the solution.

And yes, this is really a story about Redskins running back Alfred Morris coming upon some fans who were playing paintball and joining in. And yes, if you've ever met Alfred Morris, this story is completely believable. They don't come a lot more down-to-earth than this guy.

Dallas Cowboys

Sean Lee may or may not get a contract extension some time before the start of the regular season. But regardless, Lee says he'd love to stay in Dallas long-term and isn't worrying too much about the timing of a new deal. I would think Lee would want to show his stuff for a full 16 games before negotiating.

The Landry Hat offers a detailed look at the Cowboys' new defense, discussing the single high safety and the LEO position and how the Dallas defense this year might look at lot like what they run in Seattle.

New York Giants

Antrel Rolle says he's not eager to see a fully healthy Robert Griffin III back on the field. He also said some odd-sounding things about the Cowboys that people ran with, since it's the Cowboys and everything is drama, and Rolle found himself having to try to explain what he meant on Twitter.

Here's one vote for the Giants to sign pass-rusher John Abraham in the wake of the news of Jason Pierre-Paul's back surgery. I don't know. If Pierre-Paul were certain to miss a couple of months, I could see it. But if they really think he can be back by Week 1 or soon thereafter, then I don't see why they'd be more interested in Abraham now than they were three days ago. Feels more like a Yankees move than a Giants one, to tell you the truth.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Peters is sick of talking about his recovery from last year's Achilles injuries because, he says, he's practicing every day and that's the answer to all of the questions. He still considers himself the league's best offensive lineman and says that if he can't return to that level, he'll just retire. The man likes to be definitive.

Paul Domowitch looks at the economics of the Eagles' starting quarterback competition and thinks the Eagles might be rooting for Nick Foles or Matt Barkley to win it because of the money they could then save on Michael Vick this year and next.