Will Giants RBs share carries again?

Consider this your fantasy football post of the day. As much as I always liked former New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw as a player, I always hated having the Giants' running back situation on my fantasy team.

Two years ago I had Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs and traded the pair of them for Ryan Fitzpatrick because Michael Vick was hurt and I had lucked into Kevin Smith, who was getting hot as a No. 2 running back option for me and I was just sick of trying to guess on the Giants every week. The guy to whom I traded them lost a playoff game because he started Bradshaw instead of Jacobs in the game in Dallas where Tom Coughlin benched Bradshaw for the first half. Remember that game? Anyway, fantasy nightmare.

I bring this up because, if you're asking me in 2013 which Giants running back you should take in fantasy, I'm once again going to say, "None of them." I don't want to have to count on David Wilson or Andre Brown as anything more than maybe a strategic bye-week fill-in until I see one of them prove he's more than that. And this from Ohm, who spoke last week with running backs coach Jerald Ingram, backs me up:

"I think he's grown," Ingram said of 2012 first-round pick Wilson. "He has a fairly good understanding of the offense right now. He's definitely in position to be the guy, but I think just like what we've done in the past here, we're going to be a rotation-type team and what certain backs do best, we'll play."

The Giants are very concerned about the blocking they're going to get from their running backs with Bradshaw now in Indianapolis. He was a critical part of their pass protection, and the plain fact is that until the pads go on this summer they have no way of knowing how close Wilson or Brown can get to replacing that aspect of Bradshaw's game. That's why you're not going to see the Giants commit to one of these guys over the other, likely all year. The Giants use their backs in pass protection, which means even if one of them turns out to be good at it, he's going to need a lot of rest.