Vick drops to 25 on Jaws' QB countdown

Our man Ron Jaworski is engaged once again in his annual "QB countdown," in which he ranks the top 32 NFL quarterbacks in order and reveals one per day until he gets to No. 1. Last year, since Jaws didn't include rookies in his rankings, we were able to wait until deep into the countdown before the NFC East was affected. This year, not so much.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who ranked 12th on Jaws' list last year, is at No. 25 this year:

"Vick is coming off of a disappointing 2012 season, but all will be different in Philadelphia with a new head coach in Chip Kelly. And I’m certain of one thing -- Vick is the most talented quarterback on the Eagles roster. Vick remains a dynamic player with top-level arm strength and unmatched movement ability to extend plays with his legs. Few can spin it as well as number 7, especially on the run. Kelly will look at Vick and see a multidimensional quarterback that can pressure a defense in a variety of ways.

“Vick can get to the edge and outflank the defense, he can beat you from the pocket with an explosive vertical arm that can lift the top off the coverage, and he presents multiple options in the red zone with his movement. The concern of course, is turnovers. Vick had far too many in 2012. Fifteen of them in 10 games; four of those 15 came in the red zone.

“Here’s the positive as the Eagles transition to Kelly’s shotgun, spread attack. Vick was outstanding in the two-minute offense last season with a quarterback rating of 98. I am going to be fascinated to see Michael Vick in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo-speed offense. My initial sense is it will fit Vick very well, less volume offensively, but also defensively. I would not be surprised if Vick ends the season better than my 25th-rated quarterback.”

Sure, and neither would anyone else. But there Vick sits nonetheless, likely as a nod to the possibility that he begins the season as the Eagles' second- or third-rated quarterback behind Nick Foles and/or Matt Barkley. Obviously, Jaws' first sentence there indicates that neither Foles nor Barkley is in his top 24, but we all feel pretty confident that talent alone won't hand Vick the job if he doesn't show during training camp an ability to limit turnovers, get rid of the ball quickly and make good, smart, safe decisions at the helm of Kelly's offense.

I'm on record as saying I think Vick will win the job out of camp, since I think he's considerably better than the other options Kelly has. But after what he's shown the past two years, it's hard to argue too strongly against a ranking like this on a list like this one.