Fantasy Week: Don't forget LeSean McCoy

Yes, yes, yes, I am aware that it appears as though all I'm doing is sitting here watching these ESPN.com fantasy football videos. But that's not the case. I went for my run. I've checked in on my incredibly disappointing fantasy baseball team. I've looked ahead with an eye toward training camp travel plans. I wrote a non-fantasy Giants post on the Victor Cruz deal. Pretty productive July 8, you ask me.

But in the meantime, it is Fantasy Week here on the NFC East blog, and I have this video in which the fantasy folks debate which of these three first-round running backs they'd rather have: Buffalo's C.J. Spiller, Kansas City's Jamaal Charles or the Philadelphia Eagles' LeSean McCoy.

Now, I'm not saying I'd draft McCoy over those other two guys, or that anything the folks in the video say is wrong. But I'll say this: If I'm picking last in the first round and McCoy's still there, I'll take him without thinking twice and I'll feel real good about the way my draft has started.

This is a guy, McCoy, who was being talked about as a possible first overall pick at this time last year, and who was a consensus top-three pick. And we're downgrading him now why? Because he had a concussion? Because Bryce Brown had a couple of good games while he was out? Because he was on pace to score fewer than the 20 touchdowns he had the year before?

Please. You find reasons not to like LeSean McCoy. I'm happy to take him off your hands. McCoy's birthday is Friday. Which birthday? That's right, his 25th. He's 11 months younger than Spiller and a year and a half younger than Charles. And right up until the part about the fear of splitting carries, everything Matthew Berry says about Spiller in his opening speech in that video can be said about McCoy.

As for splitting carries, I'm not buying it as a reason to like these other backs over McCoy. I think Chip Kelly's going to run the ball a ton. I think Brown will get carries but not nearly as many as McCoy will get. I think there will be enough running plays and short passing plays in the fast-paced, no-huddle, get-the-ball-out-quickly Philadelphia offense that McCoy will get as many touches as any running back in the league, even if Brown gets his own share. I think Brown's a chronic fumbler who can't be trusted in big spots, and I think Kelly knows that. I don't think the Eagles' quarterback situation is significantly better than those in Kansas City and Buffalo. In short, I love McCoy, especially as a late first-round value pick in fantasy this year.

Spiller and Charles each bring the home-run threat, and I get that. But McCoy's a guy who's performed for an extended period of time like a top fantasy running back. If I'm picking 10th and he's still there, I feel pretty lucky, is all I'm saying.