Is this the game Reid breaks out the Wildcat?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Truth be told, I'm a little embarrassed the Beast made at least three trips to Philly to document the Michael Vick-Wildcat experiment. Now that we're six games into the Eagles season, it's tough determine why the organization went to so much trouble to sign the former Pro Bowler and convicted dog fighter.

If you're going to hold news conference during which your owner talks about trying to detect the proper amount of "self-hatred" from Vick, you might as well play the guy at some point. But now the Eagles are so far down the Vick path, they have to come up with pleasant things to say, such as, "We're saving him for 2010."

OK, no one's saying that, but you get the drift. Vick's been a complete non-factor on the field. It's to the point where he's indicating that a 9-yard carry against the sadsack Skins portends big things on the horizon. Here's what Vick had to say to local reporters in Philly today:

"They couldn't adjust to it," Vick said of the Skins' defense. "We're going to do it. I don't know when it's coming, but I know what we do have. We're saving it for when the time is right."

At some point this season, the Eagles' excellent P.R. staff will probably have to beg local reporters to ask Vick questions -- just so he feels a part of things. As of now, he's a non-story, which is pretty remarkable in itself.