Brown and Smith engage in minor smack talk

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

For the most part, the Eagles and Giants don't have a lot of reason to talk smack at this point in the season. The Eagles lost to the Raiders in Week 6 and the Giants have lost two straight games heading into Sunday's matchup at the Linc.

But Giants wide receiver Steve Smith mentioned to reporters this week that he expected to be "wide open" at some point in the game and that the Eagles' cornerbacks "get caught with their eyes in the backfield, and you can run right by ’em sometimes."

Those aren't exactly fighting words, but they were strong enough to get a response from Eagles corner Sheldon Brown. In case you missed it, Brown and Asante Samuel have combined for seven interceptions this season, indicating they may be doing something right.

"But we blitz," Brown told CSNPhilly.com on Thursday. "The ball’s got to come out quick. It doesn’t matter who’s open. If the quarterback can’t throw the ball, it doesn’t really matter. I’m sure a lot of people say that on film. I could be open 25, 30 yards down the field, but if the quarterback is sacked, then you’re not open.”

Both Eli Manning and Donovan McNabb have struggled against the blitz this season, so there's a chance it won't matter if the receivers are racing past cornerbacks. McNabb's been especially inefficient against the blitz, going 4-of-19 for 40 yards, according to our friends at ESPN Stats & Information.

The Giants like to generate pressure with their front four, but something tells me defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan will have a few more blitzes in the mix Sunday.