Williamson: Still in RG III's corner

ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Redskins made the right move trading up to get quarterback Robert Griffin III. The problem, ESPN NFL scout Matt Williamson said, was that they were unable to build enough around him.

That's why Williamson said he's not about to jump off the Griffin bandwagon.

"I'm still in his corner," said Williamson, an ex-NFL and college scout. "Everyone's down on him, but there were too many things working against him and the organization for him to be successful. Colin Kaepernick struggled, but he had a lot more around him [offensively and defensively].

"Some guys who were reliant on the zone read, it was tough. But I go back to him at Baylor and [Griffin] was a great thrower. Big-time arm. Highly accurate. He can really throw the ball well. This year he didn't because his lower body was not 100 percent. If your mechanics fail, you miss just by a little."

Griffin missed by a little. Sometimes it stemmed from his inability to step into a throw. Other times it was bad mechanics or just a bad throw. It was never just one thing.

But Williamson said he has a different worry other than mechanics.

"My biggest worry about him is the ability to stay healthy. That's a huge concern," Williamson said. "Maybe that's why you can't trade Kirk Cousins... .I would not sell low on RG III and [trade] him. He's off the market for me."

Griffin's footwork has been a major topic all season for those dissecting his game. It's obviously important, but it's not the only aspect that goes into being a great quarterback.

"He's so good in terms of his natural gifts and such an athlete that things are easier for him even if he's not 100 percent," Williamson said. "Cam Newton has bad feet but gets away with it because he's so gifted. Griffin has a lot of that too. But ... hitting that back foot on a five-step drop and the ball comes out accurately, that's still a work in progress with him. It's almost like he lost that athletic edge he always had. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are not great athletes, but they're so precise with their feet. Griffin does not have to be precise and then lose that edge over everyone else because of the injury."