Eagles' Nick Foles making media rounds

PHILADELPHIA -- If you stick around long enough, you get to see generations of Philadelphia Eagles players make the leap from relative anonymity to stardom.

Before he was “The Ultimate Weapon” on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Randall Cunningham was a gangly second-round pick from UNLV. Before he and his mother co-starred in Campbell’s Soup commercials, Donovan McNabb put in his time in the dank basement meeting rooms at Veterans Stadium.

So it’s fun to follow Nick Foles as he makes his first postseason media rounds since assuming the starting quarterback role, leading the Eagles to the playoffs and then being named offensive MVP of the Pro Bowl.

Foles was in New York Thursday promoting an Xbox1 app called “Playoff Faceoff.” He appeared on ESPN Radio’s "Mike and Mike in the Morning" (listen here) and on the Dan Patrick Show.

Some highlights:

On fitting into Chip Kelly’s offense (on Mike and Mike): “Chip’s offense, I believe playing quarterback, the main thing is getting the playmakers the ball. ... He wants a guy who can distribute the ball, be smart, be quick in thinking, be able to react and go fast. I was a basketball player. I think that helped.”

On playing as himself in a video game (on Dan Patrick Show): “I feel like that would be weird.”

On playing against himself (Patrick): “I’d try to pick myself off. I’d try to sack me.”

On when the Eagles came together as a team (Mike and Mike): “After the Oakland game, it was one of those things where the team was like, 'We can do this. Let’s do it.’ We just took it from there.”

Foles was asked about Michael Vick during both interviews. He told Patrick that the two run a set alley-oop play when they play basketball together, with Vick getting the ball up to Foles for the dunk.

As for getting along during the transition from Vick to Foles as the Eagles’ starter, Foles told Mike and Mike, “We just put our egos aside and we were friends. ... The friendship really carried through.”

Foles said on both shows that he didn’t know what would happen with Vick, who is a free agent and said he wants to be a starter somewhere.

Patrick opened his interview by asking Foles, “Are you famous yet?” Foles had a pretty good response:

“I’m definitely getting more recognized,” he said. “But I think that has to go with everybody comparing me to Napoleon Dynamite. That’s where the popularity is coming from.”

Foles was asked if he’d ever met actor Jon Heder, who played the title character in the cult film.

“I have not,” he said. “I know with how everything works, that will come pretty soon.”

Patrick pressed Foles for a Napoleon impersonation. He gave up one, “Gosh,” that suggested there is more in there than he was willing to reveal.