Giants pick Jay Bromley in 3rd

The pick: Jay Bromley, defensive tackle, Syracuse.

My take: A puzzler. I think a lot of people were surprised that Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix III was still available here and that the Giants didn't take him. Bromley is a pure run-stopper and a huge defensive tackle in the mold the Giants like at defensive tackle, whereas Nix is more of a traditional nose tackle. And Bromley did go to Syracuse, which as everyone will point out is Tom Coughlin's alma mater. Feels like a reach to me, but obviously there's something about him the Giants saw and liked. We'll go talk to them and find out what it was. This is the third player the Giants took in the first three rounds who seemed as though he could have been taken later.

Stats: Bromley did lead Syracuse in sacks (with 10) and tackles for a loss (with 14.5) as a senior. The Giants like that kind of college production, and cited (much better) college production as a reason for taking third-round pass-rusher Damontre Moore last year. I'm sure they'll say this is an experienced guy who's versatile and played all over the line in college, and I'm sure they'll point out the stats.

What's next: That's it for the Giants for Friday night, unless they trade back up into the back end of the third round. Assuming they don't, they hold the 13th pick in the fourth round, which starts at noon ET on Saturday, two picks in the fifth round and one pick in the sixth. They traded their seventh-round pick for Jon Beason during the 2013 season.