McShay likes Morgan Moses

ESPN analyst Todd McShay pegged Morgan Moses as a first-round NFL draft prospect. But he lasted until the third round, where he was selected by the Washington Redskins, leading McShay to consider him great value.

As I’ve written a couple times since the Redskins picked him, Moses does represent good value. I've also written that I would not have taken him at 34 -- and certainly not in the first round. His performance did not match the talent; questions abound.

But McShay labeled Moses as the Redskins’ best pick in the draft -- because of his talent and where they picked him. Again, I disagree on the first-round part -- but in the third round? If Moses ever becomes consistent with knee bend and getting to the second level (among other things) then, yes, he could be the best pick -- and if he gains that consistency, he'll be an excellent starter. A lot of players have entered the NFL with talent and plenty of questions and, of course, the record is mixed. The Redskins do not need him to start right away, but with Tyler Polumbus unsigned for 2015, Moses needs to reach that level soon.

Regardless, here’s some of what McShay wrote on Moses, “He struggled for the first part of his career but really started to excel after moving over to left tackle this past season. Defensive players need to take a cab ride to get around his long arms.”

The problem in college: Moses relied too often on his length to bail him out of trouble. So, too, did Trent Williams once upon a time (but he’s also a lot more athletic than Moses) and was much more consistent in college. Williams was flagged for his work ethic, but that has not proven accurate.

McShay considered linebacker Trent Murphy a reach at 47. He’s not an explosive player and, if they re-sign Brian Orakpo, might not even be a starter for some time -- if ever. He needs to show he can rush the passer and help on special teams. A reach? Maybe. But the question is: Had they waited and not selected Murphy there, would he have been available at 66? I honestly don’t know and I’m guessing they didn’t either. But McShay is not the only analyst who considered him a reach.

But McShay does like Moses, and he says the Redskins have their right tackle of the future.