Redskins locker room quick takes

ASHBURN, Va. -- Highlights from the Washington Redskins open locker room Thursday:

  • Ryan Clark once again displayed the wisdom Washington wants to see in the locker room. He was as perplexed as many on the topic of how the Redskins could have taken anything for granted at 1-2, as some coaches and players said they did. Clark's point was, yes, probably the same as yours: This team was 3-13 last season and 1-2 entering last week's game, so no one should ever take anything for granted.

  • Clark also said, "This is the week we find out about ourselves... I'm excited for the challenge. As a leader I'll watch to see how we react."

  • One mental brain cramp on my end: getting Gabe Miller and Will Compton somehow confused during the Giants game. It was Compton who was in the game at middle linebacker when Giants tight end Daniel Fells caught a touchdown pass. It also was not his fault. Ryan Kerrigan made the mistake on that play, anticipating a run that never came.

  • Yes, the players anticipate a tough game against the Seahawks, but that's the case every week. However, with Seattle's defensive reputation, it becomes even more so. "It's a bring-your-lunch-pail-and-hard-hat-and-go-to-work day," tight end Logan Paulsen said.

  • Quarterback Kirk Cousins was really good during his press conference, addressing, among other topics, what he learned from the Giants game. He also laughed a little when asked about how people want to make grand pronouncements on his game after every start or appearance. He was good on this, too. Yes, that story will be posted in a couple hours. I don't know how he'll play Monday, but he is someone capable of putting a night like that in the past.

  • Tackle Tom Compton said he'll prepare as if he'll start in place of left tackle Trent Williams. But Williams expressed optimism Tuesday that he would be available. Compton said, "I hope he's in there. He gives us the best opportunity to win."

  • Receiver Pierre Garcon isn't about to be intimidated by anyone's secondary, including Seattle's. "No matter who's out there, we play our game, run our routes and do what we can," he said. When asked if Seattle safety Earl Thomas takes anything away from an offense because of his skill set, Garcon said, "Nope. Call the plays and make the plays."

  • I talked to corner Bashaud Breeland and others about growing pains and things he learned from the Giants game. There were a couple plays in particular that stood out. Will be talking to Keenan Robinson about this as well. Yes, a story will appear later.