Garrett wants Cowboys to fight

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys skirmished with Seattle at the end of the first half two weeks ago. They had a pre-game skirmish with the New York Giants.

They even fought with the Oakland Raiders and among themselves at times during training camp.

These Cowboys, it seems, have no intention of being bullied, which is interesting because they haven’t really been known as a physical team since Bill Parcells left. Sure, the Cowboys played hard, but they didn't physically dominate either side of the ball.

Then again, this is the first year that Jason Garrett has passed out limited edition navy blue T-shirts that read, “Fight.” on the front.

“Fight is a really important word. There’s a lot of levels of fight, but ultimately, it’s about fighting to be your best,” Garrett said. “That’s what the whole thing is about, and we have to do that every day.

“It’s a big theme for us. It’s a big mantra for us -- fight to be your best regardless of the circumstances.”

Despite the 6-1 record, the Cowboys have had to fight in virtually every game.

They fought back from embarrassment after falling behind 28-3 to San Francisco. They fought off Tennessee in the second half after the Titans pulled within a touchdown after falling behind 16-0.

They fought back from 21-0 against the Rams, 10-0 to Seattle and 14-7 to the New York Giants.

“Certainly our game leads itself to fight -- fight with the opponents, battle hard and all that stuff,” said Garrett, “we want to do that individually and as a team.

“You have to earn it every single day. Just because you did it yesterday doesn’t really mean anything. Now it’s today and you have to go do it again.”