Randy Gregory wants Michael Irvin as mentor

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

IRVING, Texas -- Michael Irvin is not one to hold his tongue when it comes to his opinions. Randy Gregory now knows.

Speaking to the top draft prospects, Irvin, the Dallas Cowboys’ Hall of Fame wide receiver, went at Gregory, the newest Dallas Cowboys defensive end, and caught the player’s attention.

What did Irvin say?

“Basically, that I need to stop the crap I’m doing, plain and simple,” Gregory said on a conference call Friday night after being drafted by the Cowboys in the second round. “It was eye-opening because I didn’t really expect that. You’re just sitting there listening to him talk about how he grew up and how he played the game and how he left the game and he wants us to come into this game and leave this game better than we came into it with.”

Gregory, who fell from a first-round pick to No. 60 overall after a failed drug test and other concerns, took it as being called out, “but in a good way.” Irvin and Gregory exchanged phone numbers.

“He’s definitely a guy I’m going to talk to more and look forward more to as a mentor to me,” Gregory said. “I’m glad he reached out to me, and I’m glad he approached me the way he did.”

Gregory was asked if he has a marijuana problem and if he can control it.

“I’m going to have to in order for me to be successful or for me to help this team out,” Gregory said. “I’m going to have to. That’s something I’m going to have to sit down and promise myself I’m going to have to get under control. It’s not so much about that. It’s about bad decision-making. It’s about maturing, and I’ve done, believe it or not, a lot of maturing the last few weeks, and I feel like this staff can help me get to a whole other level with that. I’m just so excited to work with them.”

And with Irvin.