NFC East Q&A: Who is the best newcomer to this division?

Today's question: Who is the best newcomer to this division?

Todd Archer, Dallas Cowboys: I want to say Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy, but with him being suspended four games, I don’t know how much of an impact he will be able to make. He will miss the first two division games. I believe Nelson Agholor could have a nice rookie season with the Philadelphia Eagles, but I can't base my answer on a "could." I'm going with Washington nose tackle Terrance Knighton. I remember Bill Parcells talking about the importance of a space-eater at nose tackle in a 3-4. I believe Knighton gives Washington that type of player, which should free things up for those around him, like Jason Hatcher as well as Ryan Kerrigan.

Dan Graziano, New York Giants: It's Greg Hardy and it's not even close. I know all about the off-the-field stuff and I think it's all terrible. But if we're talking about which newcomer to the division has the most talent and is most likely to impact the games he ends up playing, then it's a pass-rusher who hasn't even turned 27 yet and had 15 sacks in his last full season back in 2013. The Cowboys’ defense cries out for a pass-rusher who can demand (and defeat) extra attention from offenses and can alter the way the opponent game plans and operates. When Hardy is on the field, it’ll be clear that he’s an elite player and miles ahead of any of the other NFC East newcomers.

Phil Sheridan, Philadelphia Eagles: Sam Bradford has a chance to be. With his injury history and the uncertainty of whether he'll fit in Chip Kelly's offense, though, I would say the safer choice is DeMarco Murray. Not only did the Eagles add the NFL's leading rusher, they removed him from the Cowboys' lineup. Even with that excellent offensive line, the Cowboys' running game became at least as much of an unknowable element as Bradford is. So Murray is the most certain impact addition in the division, but Bradford could wind up being the biggest difference maker. The Eagles had arguably the third or fourth best QB in the NFC East. If he reaches his potential, Bradford could be the best of the bunch.

John Keim, Washington Redskins: Well, if DeMarco Murray had played in another division before joining the Eagles then it would be him. But I’m going to look at two Redskins: nose tackle Terrance Knighton and corner Chris Culliver. Knighton’s impact in the run game should be huge (that’s not a weight joke) and he should add something Washington hasn’t had in a while up front, which is major size. But Culliver is an outstanding player and will impact the passing game. The Redskins have lacked a corner who can buy the rush a little extra time to get free and Culliver should enable them to do so. Philadelphia’s Byron Maxwell is a possibility to wear this crown but I’m more sold on Culliver playing the lead role than the new Eagle.