Roddy White isn't sure Dez Bryant will return at all this season

How do the Cowboys overcome the loss of Dez Bryant? (0:45)

Brian Dawkins discusses who needs to step up for the Cowboys after Dez Bryant's injury. (0:45)

IRVING, Texas -- Dez Bryant's return to the field has been a much debated topic since it was learned the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver broke his right foot in the season-opening win against the New York Giants.

The Cowboys have used a four-to-six week recovery time but have acknowledged it could be a little bit longer. Because of the $70 million investment they have made in Bryant in July, they will not rush him back to the field.

Others have wondered if Bryant is looking at a long absence, referencing the injury suffered by NBA star Kevin Durant.

Speaking on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio Tuesday, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White isn't sure Bryant will return at all in 2015. He cited the recovery needed for Julio Jones, who had a similar surgery in 2013. Jones played in only five games and missed the rest of the season.

"Me and Julio were talking about the whole situation and he was like, when he heard that he broke his foot he was like, 'He's got the same injury I got,'" White said. "And, you know, we had to shut him [Julio] down for the whole entire year. So I just don't see him making it back this year. Or if he does make it back it will probably be late in the playoffs, so it'll probably be around January. But it's still a risk. Anytime you are coming off a foot injury, you know, he's not going to be running or anything like that. It'll be weeks before he can actually apply any kind of pressure onto it or even start walking around. So he's got a long haul ahead of him, so he's got to be patient with this thing. Plus he just signed a new contract so he's got to be as patient as possible and just kind of take it easy."

Hakeem Nicks, who worked out for the Cowboys on Tuesday, has not been the same receiver since he had his fifth metatarsal repaired in 2012.

But Jones has recovered just fine. He caught 104 passes for 1,593 yards and six touchdowns last season and caught nine passes for 141 yards and two touchdowns against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday.