NFC East Q&A: Healthy or hurt, Cowboys' Tony Romo is division MVP

Today's question: Who will be the division MVP?

Dan Graziano, New York Giants reporter: Tony Romo. I predict the Cowboys quarterback bounces back from last season's injuries and leads Dallas to a division title in a manner that looks a lot like his 2014 season. Romo and the offense may have to score even more points than they did that year to make up for what's happening on defense. But as long as he and Dez Bryant stay healthy, they are more than capable. Ezekiel Elliott will only help with Romo's protection and with diversifying the offense to take pressure off of him.

Todd Archer, Dallas Cowboys reporter: Tony Romo. Because he has won just two playoff games in his career, he has not engendered a lot of appreciation among Cowboys fans. That seemed to change last year, when he missed 12 games and the Cowboys went 1-11 without him. The Cowboys went 3-1 in Romo's four starts in 2015 and are 15-4 with him the past two seasons. He had surgery on his twice-broken left collarbone in the offseason and is now healthy. The time off has allowed him to build more strength in his back, and he is moving around better than he has in recent years. With Romo, the Cowboys are the favorites in the NFC East and could be considered one of the best teams in the conference ... if he is healthy. That will be the knock since he has missed games in each of the past three seasons. Add a healthy Dez Bryant and first-round pick Ezekiel Elliott, plus the offensive line, and Romo should be poised for another huge season.

Phil Sheridan, Philadelphia Eagles reporter: If it's Sam Bradford or Carson Wentz, I will be really surprised and we'll be having a very different conversation about this division next year. My vote goes to Giants quarterback Eli Manning. I think the change from Tom Coughlin to Ben McAdoo will rejuvenate Manning. If Odell Beckham Jr. has a great year, that will mean Manning also had a very good year, and quarterbacks tend to get a lot of MVP consideration. The other QBs in the division, Tony Romo and Kirk Cousins, have pretty good chances to earn MVP honors, but it just feels as if Manning is due to have one of his better seasons in 2016.

John Keim, Washington Redskins reporter: Tony Romo. Well, he might have been the MVP by his absence last season. The Cowboys won only four games with him injured almost all of 2015, so if they improve and play the way many fear, then credit will go to Romo's return. With Romo, the Cowboys have a quarterback who can make plays on his own, and now he'll have a strong run game to help him -- just as he did when Dallas won the division in 2014. Last season, Dallas had other issues besides just quarterback and I still worry about Romo's health. But if he's healthy in 2016, he clearly makes a huge difference and could be the reason Dallas goes from first to worst and back to first.