Eagles' stretch run is easier than Cowboys'

The Cowboys (8-3) and Eagles (7-4) both have tough schedules the rest of the way, but it looks like Dallas' path is a little rockier. The Cowboys' final five opponents have a combined record of 34-20, while the Eagles' opponents are 32-23.

That doesn't sound like much, but the Eagles' two remaining home games are much easier than the Cowboys' final two home games. Philly will host the Broncos and 49ers. The Cowboys will host the Chargers and Eagles. In terms of road games, the Cowboys will play the Giants, Saints and Redskins.

The Eagles have road games against the Falcons, Giants and Cowboys. With all that in mind, there's a really good chance that the Jan. 3 Eagles-Cowboys game in Arlington, Texas, could be for the NFC East title.

And at some point, we'll need to start discussing tiebreakers. Obviously, the Cowboys hold the head-to-head tiebreaker with the Eagles by virtue of their win at the Linc.

The Eagles are 3-1 against division opponents and the Cowboys are 2-1. The Cowboys and Eagles are both 6-2 against NFC opponents. This is going to be interesting down the stretch.