Handicapping the McNabb sweepstakes

Eagles fans have been pondering life without Donovan McNabb for years, but now there's a pretty good chance he ends up with another team. McNabb's heading into the final year of his contract, and at age 33, the Eagles could still expect to land a first-day draft pick for their starting quarterback. Let's take a quick look at the leading candidates for McNabb's services:

1. Minnesota Vikings: I think this is a no-brainer for Brad Childress if Brett Favre retires. And by trading for McNabb, you'd basically be blocking Favre from changing his mind and trying to return to Minneapolis. John Clayton said on ESPNEWS on Tuesday that the Vikings will make a play for McNabb if Favre walks away. He thinks that the Vikes might be willing to trade the No. 62 overall pick for McNabb. Something tells me, though, the Eagles will be asking for a first-rounder. By the way, McNabb's old quarterbacks coach at Syracuse is now in the same position with the Vikings.

2. Arizona Cardinals: If Kurt Warner retires, which he's expected to do, the Cardinals would be in the mix. Matt Leinart hasn't done anything to convince coaches or fans that he's ready to take over the team. You'd be safer going with McNabb.

3. Cleveland Browns: The new general manager is Tom Heckert, who spent years with McNabb in Philly. I also know that Heckert's a huge supporter of Kevin Kolb. And the Browns wouldn't have to give up quite as much for an unproven quarterback such as Kolb.