It's now or never on McNabb/Favre

It appears we'll soon reach a moment of truth in the long-standing speculative connection between Donovan McNabb and Minnesota.


McNabbMcNabbFirst, the facts:

  1. Reporters who attended Philadelphia coach Andy Reid's interview session this week left believing McNabb is available via trade.

  2. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported the Eagles have lowered their asking price to a second-round draft pick.

  3. McNabb's first NFL quarterbacks coach was current Vikings coach Brad Childress, who has never hid his admiration for McNabb's development into a perennial Pro Bowl player.

  4. McNabb's position coach at Syracuse, Kevin Rogers, is the Vikings' quarterbacks coach.

  5. Although many of us expect Brett Favre to return to the Vikings this season, he has made no formal commitment. At age 40, Favre's status is always year-to-year.

There are some members of the Vikings organization who consider McNabb a natural successor to Favre, especially on a veteran team ready to challenge for the Super Bowl. So the Vikings have a decision to make, if they haven't already made it: Do they sit tight and assume Favre will return? Or do they eliminate the risk by trading for McNabb, in the process solidifying the position for more than one year?

To this point, there is no evidence the Vikings have inquired formally about a trade. Childress and Reid are close friends, so it's possible they have kept any conversations about the topic to themselves.

We know from past experience that Favre doesn't react well when pressed for offseason answers on his future. If the Vikings go to him now and say they will trade for McNabb unless he commits to playing, history tells us he will announce his retirement. If (and when) he reconsiders, it will be too late for the Vikings.

There are no obvious answers here. What say you?