Vikings, Bears get schedule glimpse

We have two early bits of information on the NFL's soon-to-be-announced 2010 regular-season schedule. Naturally, both include NFC North teams:

  • Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed the long-rumored Minnesota season-opener: Sept. 9 at New Orleans in a rematch of the NFC Championship Game. Hopefully the Saints will play fair this time around.

  • The Globe and Mail reports Chicago will play Buffalo at Toronto's Rogers Centre on Nov. 7. As part of their regionalization efforts, the Bills play one home game per year in Toronto. The game will have a 1 p.m. kickoff. Order your passports now.

Finally, the Star Tribune is reporting there is a "good chance" Minnesota will play at the New York Jets on Thanksgiving Day. That would give us at least two teams in play as we eat turkey. Detroit's game against New England is already set. Chicago has been rumored to be a possible opponent for Dallas.