Duck! More fights in Detroit

Sounds like things got out of hand on the final day of the Detroit Lions' minicamp. Two separate fights caused coach Jim Schwartz to cut short the team's final practice and promise to fine the players involved.

Coaches normally prefer intensity to the alternative, but Schwartz said Friday's practice was "too intense." It was the second time this spring that fights have disrupted a Lions practice.

"We had [a] situation come up before in [organized team activities] and we sort of laughed about that you can't fine the players," Schwartz said, according to Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. "But guess what? There's going to be a lot of fines from today. It's not acceptable, what happened. We weren't able to finish a period.

"It's going to get hot. You're going to get at the end of practice. You're going to have things that come up. But when you can't finish practice and when you have guys entering fights that aren't involved in it, it's unacceptable. And they're going to get taxed pretty heavy for this."

I'm not going to get too worked up about Lions players fighting their way through spring drills. I'm OK with a team that's lost 30 of its past 32 games showing some anger. What you don't want is a pattern of losing your composure when you're tired or frustrated. That mistake leads to penalties and lost yardage when it happens in a game. But we're a long way from there, and Lions players have five weeks to cool down before training camp begins.

Note: The Lions signed their first draft choice Friday, agreeing to a three-year contract with offensive tackle Jason Fox. NFC North teams have now signed 11 of their 26 draft choices.