Brett Favre doesn't deserve our trust

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- You have my permission to be skeptical of Brett Favre's apparent intention to retire rather than play this season for the Minnesota Vikings. I know I am.

Favre deserves nothing but our skepticism, especially after announcing his retirement in March 2008. And July 2009. And, privately, several more times in between. Someday, it will be for real. But the only way we'll know that is if the season comes and goes without Favre in uniform. We're six months from that eventuality.

It's true, there might be more going on than we know. But this roller coaster is turning into a joke. I'm here at the Detroit Lions' training camp -- amazing, isn't it? -- and the first five Lions people I talked to all expressed the same reaction that you and I have.

As in, let's just wait a minute and see whether this really plays out the way it's being suggested it might.

Remember, Favre began texting Vikings players and coaches in July 2009 with the news that he would retire. He formally told coach Brad Childress the same thing on the eve of training camp, and within days he was texting Vikings players and asking them how camp was going.

By mid-August, he was on the practice field.

History can't always be our guide, and I'm sure some of you probably think I'm just in denial. Trust me, I'm not. You're not using your capacity as an intelligent human being if you don't have deep, deep reservations about the sincerity of Favre's mindset right now.

His status will be day-to-day until all 32 NFL teams don't want him to play for them. As long as there is one, just one, he remains a possibility to be in uniform.

Of course, we have to consider both sides of this. I'll be back shortly with some thoughts on where the Vikings, and the rest of the NFC North, will be if Favre indeed doesn't play this season. But, please, hold your breath on that one.