Your Week 2 playoff chances

MINNEAPOLIS -- I apologize in advance if this is the most predictable post in NFC North blog history. Because in the minutes after the Minnesota Vikings' 14-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins, coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre both said they fully expected someone to point out the recent history of 0-2 teams.

OK, I'll step up and take the hit. Since this is a four-team division, I'll also pass along the statistics for 2-0 teams now that the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears have both qualified. Thanks to Keith Hawkins of ESPN Stats & Information for the information. Since 1990:

  • Teams that have started 2-0 have made the playoffs 64.1 percent of the time (107 of 167).

  • Teams that have started 1-1 have made the playoffs 40.7 percent of the time (111 of 273).

  • Teams that have started 0-2 have made the playoffs 13.0 percent of the time (22 of 169).

So there you go. After Week 2, we can tell you that the Packers and Bears have a 64.1 percent chance of making the playoffs. The Vikings and Detroit Lions have a 13.0 percent chance of doing the same.

Back in a bit.