Randy Moss still has rage for Cowboys

Randy Moss has scored 11 touchdowns in seven career games against the Dallas Cowboys. AP Photo/Tim Sharp

It's been 12 years. It could be 100. Randy Moss will never forget the shock the Dallas Cowboys delivered during the 1998 draft.

Moss began the day convinced the Cowboys would draft him if he were still available with their No. 8 overall pick. Their decision to pass, instead selecting defensive end Greg Ellis, threw Moss into a rage that has cooled only slightly over time. His teams have won all seven games they've played against the Cowboys, fueled largely by the numbers you see in the chart to your right.

Moss has scored at least one touchdown in six of those games and has produced five 100-yard performances. Coincidence? As he prepared this week for Sunday's game between the Cowboys and his Minnesota Vikings, Moss shook his head.

"You can go back to the '98 draft," Moss said. "That would be your answer."

Speaking later on a conference call with Dallas-area reporters, Moss outlined in new detail why he was so sure he would land in Dallas and why it hit him so hard when the Cowboys passed. During a pre-draft meeting, owner Jerry Jones ripped up his official itinerary and instead sent him to Deion Sanders' house for a private meeting.

"So I thought that was just a way of them telling me we really want you, we're thinking about drafting you," Moss said. "So when I was able to talk to Deion Sanders at his house ... he just told me how bad the organization wanted me and he thought that me coming there would benefit everybody and things like that. The love that I received and the conversations that I had for those 48 hours had me believing that I was going to be a Dallas Cowboy up 'till draft day."

When the Cowboys drafted Ellis, Moss said his mother was devastated, taking it as a personal indictment of her troubled but talented son.

"Just seeing her facial expression and how she looked," Moss said, "I really took that to heart, man, and I told myself any time I play the Dallas Cowboys I'm never going to forget that look."

Jones jokingly apologized last week for the draft blunder. Moss took minor interest in the gesture.

"I always forgive, man, that's in the Bible," he said. "I always forgive but I never forget."

Kickoff is 4:15 ET at the Metrodome.