Cutler's concussion was at least his fifth

As the NFL continues it emphasis on brain injury research, a primary question revolves around recurring concussions. Namely: Are players who suffer a concussion more susceptible to them in the future?

In that vein, kudos to Brad Biggs for the Chicago Tribune for reporting that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had suffered at least four concussions prior to the one that occurred Oct. 3 against the New York Giants. Three happened while playing in college at Vanderbilt, and the fourth came during the 2006 season while with the Denver Broncos.

In what we can only assume is part of NFL teams' general secrecy about injuries, Cutler said Wednesday that he had never suffered a concussion before Oct. 3. You can view that comment and others on the Bears’ web site.

We can’t say with any certainty that Cutler is more susceptible to concussions than he otherwise would be. But moving forward, it’s good to know all of the facts involved.