Brett Favre: Two fractures in left foot

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- To give you a heads-up on the story I just filed to our news desk: Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has two fractures in his left ankle and his status for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots is uncertain.

Favre, 41, has an avulsion fracture in his heel as well as a stress fracture. Coach Brad Childress said: "Once he's functional he can play. ... I wouldn't rule anything out in terms of the end of the week. I don't really have a time framework on it."

Favre has played with any number of injuries in compiling a streak of 291 consecutive games, including a broken thumb. But there really is no precedent for knowing whether he can heal quickly enough to play with these injuries. Whether Childress wants him to will be the topic of our next post. Stay tuned.