Childress can't have many allies remaining

MINNEAPOLIS -- As you might have seen, ESPN's Ed Werder added some interesting details Sunday morning to the previously reported practice confrontation between Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress and receiver Percy Harvin. According to Werder:

The confrontation began when Childress questioned Harvin's effort as he tested out his sprained ankle during a light Friday practice.

Harvin, who was limping noticeably during the portion of practice open to reporters, took exception. Childress suggested Harvin submit to further medical tests if he was as injured as he appeared to be.

The confrontation grew so heated that players and coaches eventually separated the two. Werder quoted sources saying that players told Harvin: "You just did what a lot of us have been wanting to say for years."

Wow. This story adds to what has been the most dysfunctional week in Childress' five-year tenure with the team. It started with Childress impetuously waiving receiver Randy Moss, drawing the ire of owner Zygi Wilf and a week-long review that could ultimately cost Childress his job.

Childress' relationship with players is at an all-time low. In addition to the Harvin confrontation, the Star Tribune reported Sunday morning that he has kicked at least two prominent players from practice this season: defensive end Ray Edwards and nose tackle Pat Williams. Edwards is a bit of a hot-head, but Williams is a respected veteran in the locker room and was once one of Childress' top allies.

After this week, I can't imagine Childress has many allies remaining in the building -- if any. Stay tuned.