Halftime: Cardinals 14, Vikings 10

MINNEAPOLIS -- Some halftime thoughts from the Metrodome:

  • The events of the game haven’t given fans an opportunity to express much emotion, positively or negatively. There have been a few quiet rounds of “Fire Childress!” But more than anything, the Metrodome has just been quiet Sunday. There haven’t been many boos -- or cheers. It was stunningly silent in this building during a 2-minute drill that ended the half. The Arizona Cardinals breezed 81 yards in six plays over 1 minute, 1 second to take the lead just before halftime. It was literally so quiet that you could individual fans yelling. The only thing worse than an angry fan base is an apathetic one.

  • Even so, this is the Cardinals' first halftime lead of the season.

  • I suppose the sentiment might have been different had Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes completed a long interception return for a touchdown in the first quarter. As we noted earlier, Minnesota Vikings receiver Greg Camarillo saved the score by poking the ball loose at about the 3-yard line. It bounced out of the back of end zone for a touchback.

  • Childress played it safe on two short-yardage calls on fourth down, punting on fourth-and-1 in the first quarter and calling for a 21-yard field goal in the second quarter on another fourth-and-1.

  • Receiver Percy Harvin, the subject of much pregame discussion, has looked pretty quick despite a sprained ankle. He already has five receptions for 84 yards.

  • Tailback Adrian Peterson has run hard and also has a 12-yard touchdown reception. But he has missed two blitz pickups in pass protection. One resulted in a sack, the other in a hard hit on quarterback Brett Favre.

  • Other than the underthrown pass Rhodes intercepted, Favre has played a decent game. He has completed 12 of 16 attempts and has led two scoring drives.

  • The Vikings didn't seem to recover from LaRod Stephens-Howling's 96-yard kickoff return immediately after Peterson's touchdown. Any momentum they had at the moment was crushed.