NFC North High Energy Player of the Week

A look at a player who gave his team a significant boost in Week 11:

It's been five games since the Green Bay Packers lost tight end Jermichael Finley. Over that stretch, here's what receiver Greg Jennings has produced:

Receptions: 32

Yards: 520

Touchdowns: 6

I think that qualifies as "filling the void," don't you?

Jennings got lost in the shuffle a bit as the Packers began focusing their offense around Finley last season, but we've since seen a pretty good reminder of what he can do as a team's No. 1 option. But even on that scale, Jennings reached new heights Sunday at the Metrodome. He caught a career-high three touchdown passes among his seven receptions, and finished with 152 total yards.

He caught a pair of deep fade passes, going for 47 and 22 yards, and also converted a short pass into a 46-yard touchdown early in the third quarter. On that play, Jennings made cornerback Asher Allen miss the tackle and then twisted safety Madieu Williams with an open-field juke.

"When you throw just a comeback to him and he turns it into a big-time touchdown, that makes you look like a lot better quarterback," Aaron Rodgers said. "So that's much appreciated. When Jermichael went down, we made a conscious effort in our mind, myself pulling the trigger and the coaching staff, to find more ways to get Greg the ball."

Good idea.