Nate Burleson: 'I said we're going to win'

If you're Detroit Lions receiver Nate Burleson, what have you got to lose? Why not stir it up a little bit in Week 13 of a 2-9 season?

In case you missed it, Burleson didn't exactly guarantee a victory Sunday over the Chicago Bears at Ford Field. But here is what he did say Wednesday, via Chris McCosky of the Detroit News: "Yeah, I said we're going to win. We only have five games left and my goal is to finish 7-9. Like I've been saying all year, we don't have a team on our schedule that we can't beat.

"I am not saying the Chicago Bears aren't good. They are a very good football team. They can take this as bulletin board material if they want, but we play to win the game. I am not going to tell you I hope we win or that we're going to lose in a close battle. Whoever steps onto our home field Sunday, we're going to try and leave with a victory."

The Lions swept the Bears in 2007 but have since lost five consecutive games to them, including a controversial 19-14 defeat earlier this season at Soldier Field. (Nothing's changed since Calvin Johnson's disputed non-touchdown, so I'll stand by what I wrote on the day of the game and a few days later.)

There are some players who don't necessarily understand the implications of what they say in media interviews. Trust me, Burleson grasps how that part of the game works. He knows what he's saying and is clearly hoping to add a little spice, if nothing else, to Sunday's festivities.