XLV: Missing seats and closed exits

ARLINGTON, Texas -- For those interested in such things, we’ve had two significant hiccups here at Cowboys Stadium as kickoff approaches for Super Bowl XLV.

First, the NFL closed four of the 10 entrance points into the stadium because of lingering ice on the roof of the stadium. Friday, six people were injured by ice falling onto the sidewalk outside of the structure.

Second, the NFL just confirmed in a statement that some sections of the temporary seats erected inside Cowboys Stadium "have not been fully completed." The league said that most fans will be accommodated somewhere in the building by kickoff, but indicated that some will not. Those fans will receive a refund triple the cost of face value of the seat.

Local organizers are trying to break the Super Bowl record for attendance by exceeding 105,000. Maybe they were a bit too greedy. Can you imagine arriving at the stadium and finding out that your seat doesn’t exist?