Bears decline to compensate Ravens

We can now close the book to a bizarre draft episode with an odd conclusion.

As you might have seen, ESPN's Adam Schefter has reported that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell "encouraged" the Chicago Bears to compensate the Baltimore Ravens for botching a trade that caused the Ravens to miss their turn in the first round of the draft Friday night. The Bears declined, however.

And that's that.

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo has apologized for failing to report the trade to the NFL, the result of what he called a "glitch." Clearly, Goodell didn't have the authority to compel the Bears to pay up.

If I were the Bears, I'm not sure if I would give up a draft pick if I didn't have to. You could make the argument that even a minor gesture would have repaired Angelo's relationship with a clearly irritated Ravens organization, but I'm not sure how important that is, either.

In the end, Angelo will have to live with the embarrassment and the Ravens will have to accept that they still drafted the player -- cornerback Jimmy Smith -- that they wanted all along.