Everyone loves NFC North ... helmets

Yes, you read correctly.

We power ranked NFL team helmets this week on ESPN.com.

My sense of style rarely extends beyond the decision to wear matching socks.

So as much as I would like to explain why I filed the rankings below, I really can't. The Chicago Bears were at the top because I like blue. (So does Peach Carr, the Project Runway contestant and Lake Forest, Ill., native who offered an expert's opinion to AFC West colleague Bill Williamson.)

In the end, the helmets of three NFC North teams were among ESPN.com's top 10. The Green Bay Packers ranked No. 4, the Minnesota Vikings were No. 7 and the Bears were No. 9.

Here is now my vote went:

  1. Chicago Bears

  2. Green Bay Packers

  3. Cleveland Browns

  4. Philadelphia Eagles

  5. San Diego Chargers

  6. Indianapolis Colts

  7. Dallas Cowboys

  8. Baltimore Ravens

  9. Detroit Lions

  10. Minnesota Vikings